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Re: How can I get a career in forensics, without a scienced based background?

Date: Wed Jul 12 09:55:15 2006
Posted By: Dale L. Laux, Staff, Serology/DNA, Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification
Area of science: Other
ID: 1152632790.Ot

Hi Cheryl,

My question is, why haven't you taken the required science courses during 
your college years?  It sounds as if you've changed your career choice far 
down the road.  There's no easy way to achieve your goal without going 
back to school for some science courses such as biology, chemistry, 
molecular biology and genetics.  Now there are some forensic science 
fields that don't require as much science coursework such as Latent Prints 
and Firearms if that suits your interests.  You could also check into 
crime scene investigation.  But unfortunately, to work in field such as 
Chemistry, Biology/DNA, and Trace Evidence, a solid science background is 
a must.

Good luck in your career.

Dale L. Laux
Forensic Scientist

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