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Subject: why and [do] girls have a quicker reaction time than boys?

Date: Wed Jul 5 14:30:38 2006
Posted by Vicky
Grade level: 7-9 School: Healy School
City: Chicago State/Province: Illinios Country: No country entered.
Area of science: Neuroscience
ID: 1152135038.Ns

I came upon research that girls have quicker reaction times than boys, but as I
decided to research farther into the subject I couldn't find anything supporting
why girls have quicker reactions. Is it because girls are known to be more
flexible, does age/health effect how quickly you react to something such as
catching a meter stick between your thumb and pointer finger? If you had a meter
stick and had someone separate their thumb and pointer finger while you held the
meter stick 1 inch above their fingers and dropped it, would the girl or
boy[both the same age, around 13] catch the meter stick quicker? [to reach a
more general criteria this is how the reaction time will be measured...]

caught stick on 	reaction time 
2 inches 	         0.10 seconds
4 inches 	         0.14 seconds
6 inches 	         0.18 seconds
8 inches 	         0.20 seconds
10 inches 	         0.23 seconds
12 inches 	         0.25 seconds
14 inches 	         0.27 seconds
16 inches 	         0.29 seconds
18 inches 	         0.31 seconds 

Do girls really have a quicker reaction time than boys or was the research I
came upon a false fact? If it was a false fact what would be some advantages  
on why boys have quicker reaction times than girls. Thanks for your time.      

Re: why and [do] girls have a quicker reaction time than boys?

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