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Subject: why is it safe to sit on park benches? Or is it?

Date: Thu Aug 17 16:03:32 2006
Posted by jeff
Grade level: undergrad School: private school
City: brooklyn State/Province: NY Country: usa
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1155855812.Me

why is it safe to sit on park benches?Or is it?
The park benches have been entrenched with a myriad of germs from dogs and cats
to any sick person or animal or maybe traces of their feces. How can you just
sit down on it and not be afraid of getting sick? How about those outdoor
recliners or hammocks that you put your head on without thinking that a dog with
rabies, or any other animal could have went on it. How do you just lay down on
them with such insouciance that nothing will happen to you. Shouldn't you have
to wash it down with something like Mr. clean to get rid of those harmful germs?
Why does noone do this?

Re: why is it safe to sit on park benches? Or is it?

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