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Re: Interference pattern with a fan?

Date: Wed Sep 13 06:46:59 2006
Posted By: Zehra Sarac, Post-doc/Fellow, Optics, Gebze Institute of Technology
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1157866324.Ph

  Hi Sabry,

  It is very nice and interesting observation. I have no such a FAN, 
however I will try to imagine this situation. I think it should be 
illusion, indeed, the fringes are on the wall, and you see so..
If there was an iterference fringe on the FAN screen as you claimed, your 
idea could be right. This idea is that slits are formed as the arms move 
very fastly relative to the stationary grid. 

 I think you should realize three experiments more. First experiment, you 
should put the FAN away from the wall,then you should try to observe the 
same thins. If you observe what you are talking about.. it will not an 

Second experiment, you should use the lighthouse not regular lamp, you 
put it in front of the FAN, then take an observation, after that you 
should put over the FAN directly, then take an observation.. so you 
should make observations as the light are in different places. Last 
experiment can be with a different FAN, whose arms should be in the 
different number from other.

After these observations, we can say somethings..

  However, your last idea is very interesting..

  Best wishes, 

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