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Subject: What is the largest and smallest organelle in a living cell?

Date: Wed Sep 13 16:18:33 2006
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Area of science: Cell Biology
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I would like to know if nucleus is the largest organelle in a living cell. If there is no 
nucleus as in certain living  cells such as the red blood cell in  a mammal, then, 
what is the largest cell in the red blood cell then? Also, is nucleus considered as an 
organelle? How about the nucleolus in the nucleus, is it an organlle too? What is 
the smallest organelle in a living cell? is it ribosome?( a wild guess). Kindly 
enlighten me  as I find cell biology  interesting but confusing. Thank you for your 
time. Have a nice day.Hope to hear from you soon.

Re: What is the largest and smallest organelle in a living cell?

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