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Re: How do we standardized drug concentration for cell lines?

Date: Mon Oct 2 11:05:09 2006
Posted By: Jonas Nance, Staff, Microbiology/Molecular Cell Biology, Eastern Virginia Medical School
Area of science: Cell Biology
ID: 1159513683.Cb

Unfortunately, if there is no previous data on the concentration limit, 
you have to perform serial dilutions and check cell viability. I assume 
you are using Geldanamycin, or a derivative (17-AAG17-DMAG)
Geldanamycin causes a dose-dependent G2 arrest and reversible inhibition 
of entry into the S phase in studied cancer cells at 0.1 rwM, which is a 
pretty high concentration.  Since the arrest is reversable, I'd suggest 
initial 10 fold dilutions (starting with 10mM and getting weaker), and 
see when the cells don't arrest.  I know this is a pretty high amount to 
start with, but HSP90 is relatively abundent in the cell. Sorry I don't 
have more information, but it's pretty much trial and error if it hasn't 
been done before.  I also found a link that might help.

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