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Re: what fluid has the lowest Massic heat capacity known?

Date: Sat Oct 14 12:05:07 2006
Posted By: David and John Free, Post-doc/Fellow, MFA, MFA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1154351962.Ph

Dear Paulo

Are you looking for a substance that heats up the most, per gram, when 
you put one calorie of heat into it?

At room temperature? In general, the lower the temperature the less heat 
you need per degree.

Solid Uranium requires only 0.028 calories to raise a gram from 25 deg C 
to 26 deg C.
Among liquids, Mercury needs only needs 0.033 calories

If you would explain to me what you are trying to do, I will try to help
I suspect you seek a vapour that will act as best-coolant (a refrigerant 
maybe). Or perhaps you want a good CONDUCTOR - a fluid that will itself 
heat up most-rapidly against a hot surface, or under the sun.


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