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Subject: Is our sweat amount affected by either our red or white blood cell counts

Date: Fri Jul 28 04:32:09 2006
Posted by JJ
Grade level: grad (non-science) School: Hard Knocks
City: Mesa State/Province: AZ Country: USA
Area of science: Immunology
ID: 1154086329.Im

Phoenix AZ in July...I sweat lots as do many, yet others sweat less. In 
discussion it was suggested that our amount sweat amount is affected by our 
blood cells. That maybe we sweaters have more or less of one or the other of 
our blood cell types. This seems to have some merit as to the cleansing and 
releasing of toxins and white cells and infection fighting characteristics, and 
that we sweat more when we have a fever, those who recieve chemo, etc. He had 
been told something along these lines by a friend who is (now) in the nursing 
field. The context or other details leading to her statement are unknown to me. 
I have not agreed with all past opinions that she spoke of and he has shared, 
such  as her opinion on behavior medications and drug addicttion but I am 
curious about this. The cells are not affected or changed during intimate times 
or nervous moments when we may sweat more...your expert opinion please. I have 
been unable to find information via web to draw any conclusion. Thank You. JJ 
from Phoenix, AZ in July.

Re: Is our sweat amount affected by either our red or white blood cell counts

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