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Subject: The Future of Cloning

Date: Mon Oct 23 09:08:51 2006
Posted by Brian
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Area of science: Cell Biology
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I am writing a novel set in the future and I need to make sure my writing is 
authentic. My novel takes place in 2250. So my interest is not only in what is 
possible now but what may be possible or not possible in the future. My novel 
is a murder mystery. Involves clones. It also involves twins. 
Problem 1 Could there ever exist a technology that could disrupt a persons DNA 
the way a defective clone is disrupted.
Problem 2 Could this technology work (If it existed) more efficiently on a 
twin for any reason?
Problem 3 Will technology ever allow us to produce clones at a target age? 
Would such a clone (human) be capable of learning to the point of developing a 
personality from implanted memories? Problem 4 If there were human cloning 
regardless of the aging issue being gotten around would it be possible through 
genetic engineering to modify the clone to be 10 percent a clone of another 
subject. Specifically the 10% would be mental tendencies and inclinations? 4a 
Could I in essence add specific DNA in order to manipulate emotional and 
intelligence and creativity taste etc to be compatible more with me and my 
traits without creating a full clone of myself. In other words partial cloning 
so that I could mate with this clone without any inbreeding occurring between 
us genetically? That is could I genetically engineer theoretically of course 
my perfect mate by partial cloning with code from my DNA? 

Re: The Future of Cloning

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