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Subject: What effects will there be if we increase the arm lenght of a trebuchet?

Date: Thu Oct 26 07:19:50 2006
Posted by William
Grade level: 7-9 School: Loyla High School
City: Montreal State/Province: Qc Country: Canada
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 1161872390.Eg

This is a science fair project and we are supposed to ask a person five 
questions on our project. My friend and i have always been really interested 
in engineering and medieval times so we decided to test the impact of changing 
the arm lenght and counterweight size on a trebuchet. if you have the time 
could you answer these questions? 
1. What effects will the arm lenght and counter-weight sizes have
2. What size should the trebuchets be and why?
3. Are there any un-expected, or hard-to-build parts in the making of the 
4. How big a role do you think momentum will affect the distance the ball will 
be thrown and will momentum make and positive or a negative effect on the 
project and why?
5. How should we measure the amount of wind in our project?
it would be really great if you could get back to us soon becasue this part of 
the project is due on october 31st 2006.
Cheers! and thanks: William Frappier!

Re: What effects will there be if we increase the arm lenght of a trebuchet?

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