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Re: is it true that a more complicated organism has more genes?

Date: Tue Oct 31 23:04:04 2006
Posted By: tarun gupta, Undergraduate, Bioinformatics, ggdsd college of post graduation
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 1159951707.Ge

Well, Yes. It is true that a more "complicated" organism has more number 
of genes but it has been observed that more evolutionary complicated 
organisms have large number of "non coding" DNA (which we have been 
calling "junk" DNA for quite a long) as compared to simpler organisms. 
The coding part is apparently very small even in complicated organisms. 
Work is going on in this area to elucidate the functions of these "junk" 

Moderator's note:
On the other hand, humans, crop plants, and fruit flies, have about the same
order of protein-coding genes predicted - about 25-40,000. This is much higher
than Baker's yeast - 6000 genes. So it's more like the number of genes increases
with complexity up to a certain point, but then is no longer strictly
correlated. instead, there is an increase in alternative splicing, and the ratio
of unique genes versus duplicated genes. 

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