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Subject: Is it possible to focus a magnetic field to a point?

Date: Thu Sep 7 00:32:35 2006
Posted by Wade
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City: Anchorage State/Province: AK Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
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Will aligned coils /ring magnets of differing (say reducing) diameter warp or
deform the tube-like shape of the magnetic field (of the coils)? Is this a
viable means of focusing the strength of a magnetic field down to a point, even
if only temporarily? Like one would use a lens to focus light down to a point?

For instance, i understand that a magnetic field is affected by momentum of its
parent mass (spin a magnet, its field goes outwards) so would it be possible to
"whip" a magnetic field to a sudden snap of focused strength (like the popper of
a bull-whip.) 

Analogy: a propogating wave, say like in water, can be made to push an object
away, or with a change in its frequency, be made to draw an object towards the
source of the wave.

The intent is to do this magnetically by throwing out magnetic pulses, but in a
focused/targeted sense (say, to move only one object amongst many all at the
same distance from the source.)

Re: Is it possible to focus a magnetic field to a point?

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