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Re: I am doing an underwater city project and do you know anything about that?

Date: Sat Nov 4 12:10:45 2006
Posted By: John Free, Post-doc/Fellow, MFA, MFA
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 1162568582.Eg

Hi Cassie

If I were you I'd start by having a look for "Science fair" here at 
MadScientist.  Use the links in the MAD.SCI Library" pulldown menu. It gives 
some ideas for projects.

After that I'd decide what bits of "underwater cities" I wanted to do.

There are people here who know about sewers - which are actually rather 
Others know about the water-supply pipe network under all cities. 
Others know about the technical problems of living underwater, and can imagine 
the social advantages and disadvantages.
And don't forget the millions of different creatures that DO live under water -
 we have biologists and fish-people and crab-people and people that know about 
microscopic cities built under water - such as the coral of the great Barrier 
Reef in Australia.

Good luck with your project, Cassie.


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