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Re: how come i am taller in the morning then i am at night

Date: Sat Nov 11 13:17:54 2006
Posted By: Peter Bosani, Independent
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 1156519320.An

Hello, Cody.

The main reason you're taller in the morning than at night is due to the 
force of gravity.  You see, all day long gravity pushes down on our 
vertebrae, pushing water out from between our spinal disks.  

All this pressure can cause us to lose up to an inch off of our height 
during the day.  At night, the water diffuses back between our disks, 
elongating us once again.  Of course, since we are in a horizontal 
position, the force of gravity will not affect us negatively.

Hope that helps,

Peter Bosani.

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