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Subject: Relativity in flowing charges.

Date: Sun Oct 29 05:54:47 2006
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Area of science: Physics
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For a start, it all started with this question: There is a current carrying 
wire in space. A magnetic field is therefore created around it. However, right 
now, if we travel at the same speed of the electrons flowing, the electrons 
would therefore be stationary in my frame of reference. So how can the 
existence of a magnetic field be explained in my frame of reference?

The answer for that would be that though the electrons appears to stop 
flowing, the protons in the wire will appear to flow backwards in my frame of 
reference, so the magnetic field can be justified. However, here's my 
question: what happens if there isn't any protons(like a flow that only has 
electrons and not protons)? in this case, won't it be strange from my frame of 
reference as i will be seeing a magnetic field without the charges flowing in 
my frame of reference. and to bring it further, what about a case where there 
isn't any electrons? would this cause me to see a magnetic field as the 
protons would appear to be flowing backwards even though it is not moving in 
the inital 
stationary frame of reference? thanks!

Re: Relativity in flowing charges.

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