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Subject: The moon-earth barycenter at sea level would cause what change?

Date: Sun Oct 29 14:20:49 2006
Posted by Gabriel
Grade level: undergrad School: Millennium Library
City: Winnipeg State/Province: Manitoba Country: Canada
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 1162156849.As

I have yet to do a thorough study of what science has to say about the earth-
moon system center point of gravity, but I would guess there are not a lot of 
PHD thesis on that specific a subject, and I would just like to know what to 
imagine it would be like on a habitable planet where a large moon-size or 
greater satellite just happened to have their center of gravity at the planets 
surface or sea level. Would this cause frequent gargantuan tidal waves, would 
tectonics be any different, would the core cool off with out such an 
influence, what are the possibilities? Please don't overlook that I mentioned 
habitable, like earth as an example, not Titan or Io, which are not habitable 
unassisted, and not planets.

Re: The moon-earth barycenter at sea level would cause what change?

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