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Subject: Why is the day longer in December instead of January for Ottawa Canada?

Date: Fri Sep 22 12:02:08 2006
Posted by Noah
Grade level: teacher/prof School: retired
City: Ottawa State/Province: Ontario Country: Canada
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 1158951728.Es

Sunrise, Sunset, Axis Inclination and Orbit: 

My question: For Ottawa Canada, why is the sunrise earlier for December (7:23 AM) than November (7:
42 AM).  Shouldn’t the days start becoming longer AFTER the mid-winter solstice? 

For my location, Ottawa Ontario, Canada, the times listed on the Internet for sunrise for this year are:

January 7:43 AM
February 7:25
March 6:41
April 5:43
May 5:51
June 5:19 
July 5:19
August 5:47
September 6:24
October 7:01
November 7:42
December 7:23

Here are the web site addresses for November and December: 


Thanks in advance for your reply. 

Jeffrey Asher

Re: Why is the day longer in December instead of January for Ottawa Canada?

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