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Re: a question regarding electricity

Date: Tue Dec 5 19:31:08 2006
Posted By: Yaxun Liu, Postdoctoral Fellow
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1161830315.Ph

The magnet does not need to move completely past the coil to make
electricity, but the coil needs to be part of a closed loop to have
electric current. You can imagine the magnetic field flow through the loop,
which is called magnetic flux. If the magnet is close to the loop, the flux
is large. If it is far to the loop, the flux is small. The current
generated in the loop depends on how fast the flux changes and also how
large the resistance of the loop is. To increase the speed of flux
variation, you can use a stronger magnet, use larger number of coils, or
move the magnet faster.

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