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Re: If mass warps space-time what does charge warp?

Date: Fri Dec 8 15:55:58 2006
Posted By: Michael Maskell, Grad student, Physics, Old Dominion University
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 1153297478.As

Einstein's theory of relativity is based upon the concept that the speed of
light is constant for all observers.  The special theory of relativity is
the  form in which this is most easily seen, but the warping of space-time
in the general theory also emerged from the necessity of keeping the speed
of light constant for all observers.  Because light is how the
electromagnetic force between charges is carried, and the curvature of
space time was postulated in order to keep its velocity constant, light
is not itself a space-time curvature and charge therefore does not bend

Now, your question didn't specifically ask if charge bent space-time, only
if it bent SOMETHING... This implies that you're already thinking ahead ;)
 I would say that it's entirely possible to construct a model where the
electromagnetic force is explained by curvature of some dimension rather
than by exchange of photons.  No one's done it yet; most efforts are
focused on going the other way around: taking gravity and explaining it
with particle exchange instead of space-time curvature.  If it can be done,
and the same results can be obtained as with the particle exchange model we
currently use, it would be a valid description of reality.  Whether or not
it's a more insightful description can only be said after it's done...

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