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Subject: After orchid DNA is extracted how can atomic weight be measured?

Date: Tue Sep 26 04:06:26 2006
Posted by Hope
Grade level: 7-9 School: Rising Starr Middle School
City: Fayetteville State/Province: GA Country: USA
Area of science: Molecular Biology
ID: 1159268786.Mb

Last year I experimented with DNA extraction in Dendrobia Hybrid II orchids. I 
was able to extract DNA from 3 varieties of this species, but could not measure 
the atomic weight. The DNA was processed using electrophoresis. I would like to 
see if there is a difference in weight of the DNA structure between varieties. 
Can you help me determine how to do this or what equipment is needed? The 
samples I used were mass out equally, but once I extracted the DNA from each 
sample I was unable to go further. Do you need an electro microscope to view 
differences in DNA samples like these. Thank you. Hope

Re: After orchid DNA is extracted how can atomic weight be measured?

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