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Re: New: Follow-on to 1165055948.Ph (to David-John Free)

Date: Sat Dec 9 12:02:30 2006
Posted By: David and John Free, Post-doc/Fellow, MFA, MFA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1165665082.Ph

No, Nikos, it would not work!

The only way to get A to move relative to B is to get a FORCE to act FROM 
If you have a vibration it is a PERIODICALLY REPEATING motion about a 
CENTRE OF GRAVITY. So if A weighs 1/nth of B then it moves with n times 
the acceleration.
You have ALREADY discovered how to turn a vibration into a one-way-force. 
You discovered the ratchet and pawl mechanism; ANY mechanism that slips 
one way but grips the other.

Your ion machine will vibrate about its centre of gravity. The coils 
weigh millions of times as much as the ions, so the coils will vibrate 
negligibly. AND there is NOWHERE ELSE to attatch the rachet or pawl to 
except the coils!

So having earned 90% for your previous invention you get a mere 1% for 
this one!
Why not think up a wheel that rolls forward because of what you do to 
weights contained within it?


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