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Subject: What buffer solution is needed to decompose the protien albumin?

Date: Sat Nov 18 16:18:30 2006
Posted by Patricia
Grade level: 10-12 School: Macdonald high school
City: St.Anne de Bellevue State/Province: Qc Country: Canada
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 1163891910.Bc

This year for my science fair project i wanted to do it on the digestions of 
protiens in the stomach. The description of the project was to use Ninhydrin 
Isopranol in a test tube with a buffer solution and the protien Albumin While 
using different PH levels( from 4-10). However, the buffer solution was not 
specified as to what the chemical components are. I was wondering if you knew 
what buffer solution i could use to get a color change an an absorbance level 
when using a spectrophotometer set to 580 nm after we have used a centrifuge. 
For more detailed understanding..this is the abstract I took my science fair 
project idea from :  The purpose of this porject was to observe how the 
digestion of protien varies at different PH levels. A portien, albumin, was 
placed into four test tubes for each of the seven PH levels being used. Then, 
the buffer solution for each PH level was placed into their respective tubes. 
After a period of ten minutes, Ninhydrin Isopranol was placed in one of the 
tubes for each PH leve. Thi step was repeated every ten minutes. Then after 
being centrifuged, the solutions were observed for color change and the 
absorbance was recorded using a spectrophotometer at 580 nm.
if there are more details needed for you to answer my question please email me   thank you very much 
ps. I need an answer ass soon as possibly thx

Re: What buffer solution is needed to decompose the protien albumin?

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