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Subject: A question on magnets and their properties

Date: Fri Dec 15 07:49:35 2006
Posted by Andrew DeLong
Grade level: undergrad School: Clinton Community College
City: Mooers Forks State/Province: N.Y Country: U.S.A
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1166194175.Ph

I know that the force of a magnet's push/pull is measured in 
gous (spelling), but do magnets also have a range of frequencies that 
they operate at?  I mean it in the sense that we can see a certain spectrum 
of light because our eyes can recognize those wave lengths or frequencies.  In 
the same sense, do magnetic waves have certain wave lengths or frequencies that 
they poerate at.  If so, can they be controled in the same way light or radio 
waves are?  If thats possible, can it me done with permanent magnets?  (Note:If 
the last 3 or 4 questions aren't possible, oh well).  If you're wondering, 
this is all for a little project I'm trying at home, just out of interest, not 
for school or retail purposes.

Also, can a permanent magnet's stregth be increased temporarily (or 
permanently) by short, periodically controlled bursts of electricity?  And what 
are the effects on the magnet from such an action.

Thank you for your time,

PS: Please keep all the math to an algebra level, Thanks.

Re: A question on magnets and their properties

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