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Re: Can you glue a broken magnet back together?

Date: Sun Jan 14 21:12:49 2007
Posted By: Dr. Fred Jeffers, Staff, Magnetic Recording Research, Iomega corp.
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1168406728.Ph

Hi Therese,
     Yes it is possible to glue your magnet back together with common two- 
part epoxy.  The resulant magnet will be very close to what it was 
before.  The problem is how to hold it until the epoxy can harden.  These 
magnets push each other apart VERY strongly.  I don't know the exact 
shape of your magnet pieces but one way to make this easier is to put
them on a smooth and thick block of steel like the bottom of Mom's old 
black frying pan.  When on the steel block, the two halves will not 
repel each other so strongly and hopefully you will be able to get them 
together and hold them with a C Clamp from Dad's workshop.  Spray the 
surface of the steel block with Pam no-stick spray.   
     If that doesn't work send me a photo of the magnets and I will 
reccommend some other way.    

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