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Subject: RMS and Peak in car audio.

Date: Fri Jan 5 18:38:20 2007
Posted by Doug
Grade level: undergrad School: Dalhousie
City: Halifax State/Province: Nova Scotia Country: Canada
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 1168047500.Eg

I recently bought 4 speakers for my car, they have a RMS rating of 60 watts, and
a peak of 120 watts. My stereo/receiver that puts out 50x4 watts of power.. The
people who sold me the speakers told me that if i got an amp (which i know is a
very good price) and ran my rear speakers off the amp and the front off the
receiver then it would make my speakers better. I am skeptical of their
suggestion. They described better as louder and less distortion. They are trying
to get me to buy an amp with 200 RMS for the rear speakers. 

My question is: Is there really any purpose to this? From what i understand
speakers run on RMS not peak, and 10 watts (60-50) does not seem like a large
increment and i know that electric power has to increase exponentually to create
a linear equation of perception of sound. 

Thanks, i love your website, and read it tons. I hope this doesnt seem like i am
asking you to do my homework. Unfortunately i dont understand the problem, or
trust salesmen either.

Doug Myers

Re: RMS and Peak in car audio.

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