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Re: does Coca Cola harm your gums?

Date: Sun Dec 10 01:11:13 2006
Posted By: Jonathon Speed, Undergraduate, Chemistry, Southampton University
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1140817266.Me

Coca-cola is a very acidic drink, with a pH of approximately 2.5. This means that it is a stronger acid than vinegar, but weaker than the type of acids that scientists use in their laboratories. Because of this, and itís very high sugar content, many people think that Coco-cola is bad for your teeth and gums.

It is probably true that Coca-cola does not help your oral health, but it has been proved that at least the myth about it being able to dissolve teeth is untrue. However, the strong acid inside it (phosphoric acid) is strong enough to clean very dirty glass, and so might have a negative effect on your brothers gums.

However, it is unlikely that Coca-cola is entirely responsible. Your best bet is to arrange a dentist appointment, and make sure he brushes his teeth very well twice a day, and to only drink Coca-cola with a meal, as eating food can help prevent damage from the drink, as saliva produced dilutes the acid.

Hope that helps.

[Moderator's Note: We have some additional answers in our archives (for example, 983940377.Ot) that address the possibility of health risks associated with cola drinks. You can also search our archives for other answers about Coca Cola.]

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