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Subject: why water not spurts from top?

Date: Sat Jan 6 08:32:55 2007
Posted by ayushi
Grade level: 10-12 School: smc
City: alld State/Province: UP Country: india
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1168097575.Ph

fluid exherts pressure in all directions.then,it should exhert pressure on the 
top too.
if we enclose water in a closed-from-all-sides container and make a hole on 
top,then why doesnt it flow out from there?
p=hdg (where h is the height of the column from top) here u can say that the 
height is nill =that would be an accepted answer.but i wanna know that why 
should the pressure be nill? actually the pressure has been applied from all 
the molecules straight from the bottom.they all must be exherting thrust 
upwards ?.then why is pressure ultimately nill. i mean,they should exhert 
mass*gravity everywhere

Re: why water not spurts from top?

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