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Subject: does universe evolved from blackhole?

Date: Wed Feb 7 11:37:53 2007
Posted by aman
Grade level: 10-12 School: VSSS
City: vidisha State/Province: Madhya Pradesh Country: india
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 1170873473.As

i have thought of a theory which explains evolution of universe.i want you to 
check it and comment on it.i am a boy of 15 years from india

it has been discovered that every galaxy has a blackhole at its centre?now 
according to hubbles law galaxies ar receding from each other at an increasing 
but black holes are sucking their surroundings due to intense gravity.therefore 
the size of galaxies is decreasing with increasing speeds as the influence of 
gravity increases with time.
we are just having the illusion that the galaxies are receding but actually 
they are becoming small.
inthis way hubbles law is also proved
lets do a thought exp.
we cant see whole universe at an instant as it is veryyyyyyy large.
suppose that an ant is standing on a huge balloon.take another bollon kepp it 
in contact with the first one.their place must remain slowly let 
the air inside bollon will observe that the ballons are becoming 
small.but the ant on ballon will see that the the balloon is goin away from 
it.same is with universe.we are tiny creatures on earth observing that galaxies 
are receding from each other and is expanding.but taking universe on whole 
galaxies are becomeng smaller creating an illusion of expanding universe for us 
as to ant creates the balloon.
the ant doesnt know that the ballons are becoming smaller and he can see the 
whole system at he gets the illusion.he will feel that the ballons are 
going away frm each other and the whole system is increasing.

how abt my black hole theory?

if we continue in this manner following this theory after billions of year 
whole galaxies will be sucked up by galaxies.then only blackholes will remain 
in universe.then each black hole or singularity will form separate universe by 
big bang.the process will continue upto infinite time

Re: does universe evolved from blackhole?

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