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Subject: what effect do copper ions have on alcalase and pepsin

Date: Mon Feb 12 06:57:24 2007
Posted by natalie
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Area of science: Biochemistry
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i recently researched that copper ions are less effective at inhibiting at 
lower pHs so i expected copper ions to inhibit pepsin more than alacalase as 
pepsin was at its optimum pH of 2 while alcalase was at its optimum pH pf 8. 
HOwever, i did not get any results for alcalase as it didn't seem to be 
working whilst pepsin was working fine i.r. turned phototgraphic film clear. 
do you know what effect copper ions have on alcalase. thank you very much for 
your time 

Re: what effect do copper ions have on alcalase and pepsin

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