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Subject: Questions on testing green tea and beta-blockers in daphnia

Date: Sun Feb 4 10:45:21 2007
Posted by Elizabeth
Grade level: 10-12 School: High School
City: Moorestown State/Province: NJ Country: USA
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 1170611121.Zo

I am doing a science fair project testing the effects of green tea and beta-
blockers on the heart rate of daphnia magna... but i have some procedural 
questions that i haven't been able to find answers to.  If anyone could help 
that would be great! Some specific questions are:
1. should i keep the daphnia in one large tank and then put them in separate 
containers before testing or just always keep them in separate containers?
2. how often do i need to test the dapnia in order for it to be considered 
significant? i was thinking everday for 2 weeks and then looking under the 
microscope 2 times
3. Oh and do i need to change the water? some websites say yes and others no 
so i'm really confused on that one

If anyone has any tips or anything i would greatly appreciate it... i have 
looked through so many articles for information and asked my science teachers 
but still can't get any answers!
Thanks again

Re: Questions on testing green tea and beta-blockers in daphnia

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