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Re: Does eating fruits right after a meal affect the digestive system?

Date: Wed Mar 14 04:46:13 2007
Posted By: Gabriel Harris, Post-doc/Fellow, Diet and Human Performance Lab, USDA
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 1173827312.Bc

Dear Sarah,

Eating fruits after a meal is a great thing to do, especially if they replace a high-calorie dessert. Fruits contain fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other health-promoting ingredients, especially when eaten fresh. For that reason, I would say that fruits do affect the body, but in a positive way. There is no reason to wait for a certain period of time after having a meal to eat fruit. Eating one fruit after every meal would make sure that you ate at least three fruits each day. (It is recommended that we eat 5-9 servings of fruit and vegetables per day.)

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Happy Eating!

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