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Subject: Are Lappland Sami and Alaskan Inuit of same haplogroup?

Date: Sat Jan 6 15:30:37 2007
Posted by Mayra
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Area of science: Genetics
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And which Haplogroup do Sami have? I ask this question as the DNA testing kits 
I find on the internet do not have the Sami peoples of Lappland in their DNA 
marker databases. My father's maternal lineage is Sami but according to the 
kits offered, since there is no database for Sami I would merely show up 
as "Finno-Ugrian. The Sami and Inuit/other tribes are at the same latitude, 
and I don't understand how the Sami could not be recognized as a type 
of "native" european tribe, equal to "amerindian", they are recognized as 
a "tribe" in current day Europe, but I want to know if they are genetically 
proven to share the same genes as other peoples of the arctic. My grandmother 
looks exactly like photos of Inuits, and she was from Lappland. I beleive that 
whoever populated Alaska also populated the further reaches of Lappland. It 
seems kind of a duh factor what with ice shelfs and shifting land masses etc., 
Could I show up on a test as having Inuit even though some of my ancestors are 
from Sami land? What gives? Can't wait to hear from you!!! Mayra

Re: Are Lappland Sami and Alaskan Inuit of same haplogroup?

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