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Re: Are there alternatives (real or theoretical) to radio?

Date: Fri Mar 23 13:00:40 2007
Posted By: Madhu Siddalingaiah, Physicist, author, consultant
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1173771617.Ph

Hi Isaac,

That's an interesting question.

If we are talking about current technology, the answer is no. Radio waves,
like light waves, travel at the speed of light. Einstein's special theory of
relativity postulates that information cannot travel faster than the speed
of light. That doesn't mean other means of communication won't be used, but
it won't be any faster. Of course, it is very likely we will use higher
frequency radio waves in the future as our demand for spectrum continues to

Going beyond special relativity, physicists have theorized about the
possibility of bending space and time and possibly creating a worm hole to
distant parts of the galaxy. If this is ever achieved, we might be able to
send radio waves a longer distance almost immediately. Of course, this is a
long way off, but it might someday be possible.

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