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Subject: Is there really a way to 'flush toxins out of the body'?

Date: Wed Sep 6 18:24:00 2006
Posted by Colista
Grade level: undergrad School: Cornell university
City: Rochester State/Province: NY Country: USA
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1157592240.Me

I've been hearing so much lately about cleansing/detoxifying the body with
certain food/beverage combinations. Many subscribe to the idea, but I read a
post on a message board from someone claiming to be a scientist, that this
impossible. He said that only the liver can truly detox the body and there no
way to speed uo the process. Is this true? Please note*: I am not a scientist,
just an average person in need of a little enlightenment. Thanks very much!

Re: Is there really a way to 'flush toxins out of the body'?

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