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Subject: How/where is Energy from 'Fabric of Space' accounted for?

Date: Thu Nov 9 14:01:48 2006
Posted by Ray
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City: Largo State/Province: FL Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
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It is always noted that the "fabric of space" 
or the "vacuum of space" was_itself_created at 
the BB & did not exist prior to BB. Since 
the "fabric,vacuum,whatever" had to be created 
from Energy (or equivalant singularity mass) & 
be comprised of Energy, how/where is this 
Energy accounted for ? Is this Energy ( or its 
mass equivalant ) amount added to "Visible 
Mass" measurements ? If so, what is the 
amount ? If not part of "Visible Matter" 
amounts, does it go towards "Dark Matter" 
or "Dark Energy" accounts ?

Re: How/where is Energy from 'Fabric of Space' accounted for?

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