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Subject: Does pain enhance the flavour of meat?

Date: Tue May 8 05:22:02 2007
Posted by James
Grade level: undergrad School: Empire State College
City: Brooklyn State/Province: NY Country: USA
Area of science: Agricultural Sciences
ID: 1178626922.Ag

Some defenders of certain "brutal" methods of animal-slaughter contend that 
pain enhances the flavour of the meat. Is there any truth behind this? If so, 
by how much is the flavour enhanced?

A friend and I were discussing the explanation that many countries (primarily 
in the Orient) give for continuing what may be considered inhumane slaughtering 
practices of several animals (dolphins in Japan are an infamous example) being 
that pain enhances the meat's flavour. Is there any truth to this claim? If so, 
what are the chemical processes behind it? Or is it just a cock-and-bull story 
and an excuse to not reform their butchering practices? Could pain in fact 
negatively impact the flavour of meat? A Canadian friend of mine speculated 
that painful bullet wounds can taint bear meat, which confounded our confusion 
over the matter. 

Thanks for the clarification.

Re: Does pain enhance the flavour of meat?

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