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Subject: The Questin on the Missing Photons

Date: Thu Jun 7 00:05:18 2007
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         Lets say there are 2 person and one is travelling at the speed of 
light, while the other is at rest, relative to earth.If the guy travelling at 
the speed of light is holding a mirror, he should be able to see himself. 
However, in the resting man's reference frame, shouldn't he not see the 
reflection of the man travelling at c because they are stationary relative to 
each other? Therefore leading to the question: Where did all the photons 
coming from the man flying at the speed of light go to? If it only enters the 
eyes of the man flying at c, why can't it enter the eyes of the man at rest?

Thanks for clearing my doubts.

Re: The Questin on the Missing Photons

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