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Subject: How can I simulate expensive photograph lenses on my photograph at computer

Date: Thu May 24 16:57:25 2007
Posted by Mustafa Umut Sarac
Grade level: teacher/prof School: No school entered.
City: Istanbul State/Province: No state entered. Country: Turkey
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1180051045.Ph

I am an archaeologist and photographer and i want to compare very expensive to 
buy photograph lenses which used by famous American and British 
photographers .There are photograph print books of these photographers but 
comparing is very difficult because they expose the film with thinking print 
process and with color filters and dodging while printing and using many 
different chemicals and timings. I know some leitz lenses , cooke , goerz , 
zeiss , rodenstock and others have characteristics which invented by their 
users in time but it is a need to compare them scientifically.
There is lensview software documents 30000 different lenses with their curves 
and glasses and zemax lens design software which works with matlab and creates 
lens analyses. But they are very expensive softwares and we want free way to 
do this with programs like kdp2 and codes work on free softwares or scientific 
papers which help to write the code.
They say we need to work on point spread function or optical transfer 
function. There are many astronomy softwares or programs which changes the psf.
But If I am not wrong we have to change psf for each pixel color and position.

Re: How can I simulate expensive photograph lenses on my photograph at computer

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