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Subject: What are the effects of UV light on blood and AIDS.

Date: Thu Jun 14 09:09:50 2007
Posted by Donald
Grade level: undergrad School: Community College of the Air Force
City: Layton State/Province: Utah Country: USA
Area of science: Virology
ID: 1181837390.Vi

I looked online for reach on Aids and R&D related to the field. I know that 
most diseases can't live outside the body for any amount of time. Why is that? 
Is it because of the open air mixture or is it too dry? My thought is that 
it's the light, UV light to be exact. What if you could draw the blood out 
side the body and put it through a radiator looking device made of glass 
tubing and set UV lights on both sides? Do you think it will kill the HIV or 
AIDS Virus or any other viruses? What do you think?

Re: What are the effects of UV light on blood and AIDS.

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