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Subject: About human natures desire for more. Is it genetic?

Date: Wed Jul 11 04:08:00 2007
Posted by Leanne
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City: Mullumbimby State/Province: NSW Country: Australia
Area of science: Evolution
ID: 1184152080.Ev

It seems a quality of human nature to want more and to make 
improvements/refinements. More can take many forms- more financial security, 
more food, more knowledge, more sex. Improvements too are in all aspects of 
life- faster transport, technology, fashion etc etc. We seem driven to do these 
things and are insatiable. We even experience anxiety if our own lives are 
falling short of our self expectation. Does this insatiability and our 
restless, unrelenting seeking nature have a genetic component, which has been 
preserved by a process of natural selection? 

Re: About human natures desire for more. Is it genetic?

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