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Re: Friction heating up the planet

Date: Wed Jul 18 09:21:21 2007
Posted By: Michael Maskell, Patent Examiner, TC2800 - Physics
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1184634300.Ph

Yes, but at the same time, heat is constantly leaving the earth by 
radiating out into space.  The amount of heat created by the friction of 
your movements is insignificant compared to the amount of heat arriving 
constantly from the sun.  It is the sun's heat that is the key factor in 
balancing the incoming and outgoing heat energy to prevent global 
warming.  As the greenhouse effect worsens, more heat gets trapped in the 
Earth's atmosphere, and the temperature rises.  This includes the heat 
from your movements, but still, the heat from the sun is what really makes 
the difference.

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