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Re: Does the fungus 'Ascomycota' grow on bread as mold?

Date: Sat Aug 25 16:11:47 2007
Posted By: Michelle Seidl, Staff, Mycology, none
Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 1186647616.Mi

Mold is a very generalized term, but technically refers to the asexual stage 
of a fungus, predominantly "Ascomycota".  Many molds grow on bread, such as 
Penicillium, so your question is a broad one.  When a life cycle of a fungus 
is figured out, the mold or asexual part of that lifecycle, is grouped with 
the sexual part in terms of naming the organisim.  Some molds have not been 
"linked up" with their sexual counterparts but more are being discovered all 
the time.  Many of these are considered in the larger group Hyphomycetes. 
Most molds are Hyphomycetes and a fewer number are Coelomycetes.  So in 
answer to your question, most molds you will find on breads will be in the 
groups: Zygomycotes, Ascomycetes and Hyphomycetes.

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