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Subject: Is it possible 2 carry out my experiment?what r e likely difficulties faced

Date: Tue Sep 4 03:25:44 2007
Posted by Pauline
Grade level: undergrad School: AJC
City: No city entered. State/Province: No state entered. Country: No country entered.
Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 1188901544.Mi

Experiment proposed: firstly, i would obtain a clean Petri-dish with an agar 
in it. secondly, using a micropipette, add a few drops of penicillin solution 
on different areas of the agar.thirdly, using the toothpick, collect bacteria 
from  fingernails and brush it on the agar plate using the streak 
method.fourthly,place the petri-dish into the incubator and leave it 
overnight.after a night,remove the petri-dish from the incubator.Coloured 
patches can be  seen. However, the areas where penicillin was placed on 
becomes clear.

Will it be possible for me to carry out this experiment? Are there steps that 
i could have possibly missed out? Are there other equipments that I must use 
to ensure the success of my experiment? My school labs have the common 
equipments used in pre-universities labs. 

Thank you for reading this question. Your response would be of great help to 
me. Thank you!


Re: Is it possible 2 carry out my experiment?what r e likely difficulties faced

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