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Subject: This is my theory for the origin and purpose of dark matter/energy. True?

Date: Fri Sep 7 08:47:14 2007
Posted by Harsh
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Area of science: Astronomy
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This is a theory for the origin and purpose of dark matter and energy. I just
thought of this, i'm not a physics student. I just want to know if there is a
chance that this could be true or if others have already thought of it.

We basically know that our universe is expanding and it will keep expanding
until all matter tears itself apart (The Big Rip) 20 billion years from now. I
think the dark matter and energy around us now is a remnant of an old universe
that existed before the Big Bang that created our universe. It's the remains of
a previous Big Rip.

What’s the point of dark matter / energy? Dark energy drives the universe's
expansion. I think dark matter slows it down. Right now there's more dark energy
than dark matter in the universe - that is why it's expanding. I think that
after each Big Rip, the concentration of dark matter relative to dark energy
increases. This increase slows down the expansion of the next universe and gives
it a longer life. This cyclical process will keep happening until the increased
concentration of dark matter vs. dark energy nullifies the expansion. Then that
universe should exist forever (no more Big Rips) or at least a much longer time
than usual. Also, it will be more tightly packed by cosmic standards and bodies
of matter will be closer together. I think dark matter and dark energy act as a
balance scale for gravity and expansion.

Re: This is my theory for the origin and purpose of dark matter/energy. True?

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