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Re: safer or better for guys only

Date: Tue Sep 11 23:58:29 2007
Posted By: David and John Free, Post-doc/Fellow, MFA, MFA
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 1183267660.Gb

Hi Rachel

Your questions are interesting because they seem to supply the answers:-
1. That guys get more pleasure from sex.
2. That it hurts girls.

In a perfect marriage (and unfortunately there are few of them around) 
both partners get the greatest pleasure from sex because, above all, each 
cares MOST about the OTHER person, and enjoys most pleasing them. That is 
real love, as opposed to what you see on TV.

Some animals, such as greenfly, can have children without sex (can 
choose; sex or not). But humans cannot. 
All babies start off so small they need protection. Humans have one of 
the best protections of all - the mother carries the baby around inside 
her own body for 9 months protecting it, keeping it warm and feeeding it 
on special diets by her placenta through the baby's "belly button".
If you would like to see pictures of how this is done, search "Google 
Images" with the word "placenta". 

When the baby is too big to stay inside, and strong enough to survive, 
the mother has to push it out. This is the most pain a woman ever 
experiences. But it is worth it, as most mothers find that children are 
the most worthwhile part of their lives.

Fathers love their children too, but with most of life the more time and 
effort (and even pain) you put into something the more you enjoy the 
results in the end.

Please write back again if you have questions

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