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Re: In humnas, before mitosis are there 92 chromosomes or chromatids?

Date: Sun Nov 18 02:07:27 2007
Posted By: Tarun Gupta, Graduate Student - M.Sc. Human Genomics
Area of science: Cell Biology
ID: 1194748082.Cb

In cell cycle there are 4 phases: G1 -> S -> G2 -> M

In S phase there is duplication of complete genome that is the overall DNA 
content of a cell i.e. in case of humans, 46 chromosomes are duplicated to 
form 92 chromosomes.

These duplicatd chromosomes are attached to each other with a cohesin 
complex and each chromosome is termed as a chromatid. Each chromosome is 
called a chromatid. 

During Anaphase of mitosis, these two attached chromatids(chromosomes) 
separate from each other. This happens in all the 46 chromosomes. 

Kindly ask you librarian for Bruce Albert's book on Cell Biology for 
pictorial representation of this phenomenon. Alternatively, you can 
consult Benzamin Pierce's Genetics.

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