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Re: Which is bigger and by how much, the mouse X chromosome or the humans'?

Date: Thu Dec 6 07:44:25 2007
Posted By: Tarun Gupta, Graduate Student - M.Sc. Human Genomics
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 1196445504.Ge

Hi Tiffany,

According to Mouse Genome Informatics stats 
( mouse 
X Chromosome's size is 161 Million base pairs (excluding centromere and 
and telomeres which would add, on average, ~8 Mb per chromosome) while 
Human X chromosome spans more than 153 million base pairs.

I hope that helps. For such Genome Statistics, you can refer to NCBI 
Genome, for that is a good place to start with. Kindly feel free to write 
if you have any further queries.

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