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Subject: Where and what phases does our energy go though after we die?

Date: Mon Nov 26 19:16:42 2007
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In science class, we were studying energy and conservation. During our class
discussion I asked my teacher, "Where does our energy go after we die?" He was
stummped and said it's a controversal question. I decided to look into religion.
I looked through an Aethist's perception among those who believe in science and
wondered "when we die, there must be an afterlife of some sort since 'Newton's
Law of Conservation of Energy' states that 'energy cannot be created nor
destroyed'..." Then I looked at reincarnation and questioned, "How could energy
from a human be reincarnated into a smaller or bigger object such as a rock or
elephant if energy cannot be destroyed or created?" Perhaps our 'energy' would
be like our 'soul' and after death, we go through a different dimention beyond
reality. What's your input on this?

Re: Where and what phases does our energy go though after we die?

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