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Subject: Ammonium Nitrate and decommposition

Date: Tue Dec 18 17:23:13 2007
Posted by Brandon
Grade level: 7-9 School: Queen Elisebeth Secondary School
City: Surrey State/Province: B.C. Country: Canada
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 1198023793.Gb

Im in grade 8 and have question about the rate of deccomposision of a human. what im asking is will 
an endothermic reaction in a human body slow down the rate of deccomposision, ive done my own 
experiments and came up with these results the cooler the human body is the slower the rate of 
deccomposision is! in my experiment i used Ammonium Nitate and water to create the endothermic 
reaction! i injected the ammonium nitrate and water mixture into raw meat and a pig carcus to serve as 
a more realistic human analog! so im tryin to comfirm my conclusion or to see if there are any more 
variable i should try to control? Thanks Brandon!

Re: Ammonium Nitrate and decommposition

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