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Re: How do I know what mold is growing on oranges?

Date: Thu Jan 10 08:00:30 2008
Posted By: John J Peloquin, Post-doc/Fellow, Technical Services, Diamond V
Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 1199489763.Mi

Hi Kai,

There are fungi that attack citrus; those are plant pests. The fungi I think you are interested in are the ones that grow on the oranges you have in the bowl in the middle of the table at home, right? Those could be a lot of different critters -- Penicillium, Pspergillis, Rhizopuz, etc. -- and you'd have to use character identification and a dichotomous key to be sure you know what you've got. There's a great web site, Dr. Fungus, that you should have a look at:

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